Final week

After returning from Granada, I wrote up notes on the information flows in REN and on Monday saw Edwin. The accounts are progressing, but there is still a long way to go. The plan will be to complete some more work in the next week and complete 2015 in January. I give my Skype contact to everyone, they already have my email.

On my way to the airport we go through the centre of Managua, early in the morning. They are busy replacing the Immaculate Conception (Purissima) tableaux with Nativity scenes.


Some are still a work in progress. This one even has the trees of life that you see in the streets in Managua. Not so sure about the biblical accuracy.


The theme is cathedrals, and faithful blog readers may recognise this as Granada.


A final view of my all time favourite roundabout….IMG_8136


And finally, I would like to show you the scene that greeted me each morning as I left Marina’s house.IMG_8118

The amazing garden,

and three people who made me so welcome and helped me so much

Julio, who drove me lots of place and gave me many useful tips on how to stay alert.


Gladys, who fed me so well and allowed me to peek into the kitchen and copy some recipes


Marina, who guided me so superbly and who allowed me into her home and life.


I was very fortunate to meet such kind and wise people. They made my stay in Nicaragua very special and I thank them very much.

So now back in the UK and adjusting to the cold. Back to see lots of family and friends, then to work with REN in January to finish the accounts with Edwin, what would we do without  the internet and Skype. I will update the blog with information on how we get on with the work, but I fear that Edinburgh cannot complete with the colourful photos.

Happy Christmas, Merry New Year and a healthy 2016 to all.










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